Certificate of Merit
What is the Certificate of Merit (CM)?

The Music Teachers’ Association of California sponsors the prestigious Certificate of Merit
program which now involves about 30,000 students annually statewide. Students who are enrolled in this program participate in an annual comprehensive evaluation of performance, technique, sight-reading, ear-training, and theory. This is how students become eligible for Branch Honors Recital.

Branch Honors Recital
In order to be eligible for Branch Honors Recital, students must not only play very well, but pass all of the other areas of Certificate of Merit with high grades. The evaluators determine which student is eligible and which pieces are performed.

Branch Recitals
Held throughout the year, Branch Recitals offer performance opportunities for students of all ages, levels, and instruments. Participating in performances raises students’ level of learning and confidence to new heights.

Adjudication Recital
This program is designed for students of all ages and levels to have an opportunity to compete with other performers. Music pieces from different periods and styles are welcome. There are solo performers and duets.
Winners selected by evaluator will be rewarded with trophies.